A Comparative Feasibility Study for Encapsulated Mass Timber Construction: BC Energy Step Code Compliant 7 to 12 Storey Buildings

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Across Canada more knowledge of the costs, benefits, design development and sequencing, and supply chain implications of encapsulated mass timber construction (EMTC) is needed. This report compares costs between concrete, steel, and EMTC in 7-12 storey buildings. The study examines building forms in three different climate regions and presents practical approaches to using EMTC structural components and building concepts.


This report explores the value potential of using encapsulated mass timber construction in 7-12 storey buildings to help address the demand for affordable housing while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It shares lessons learned on energy efficiency, cost savings, schedule speed and code implications.
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Partners:  BC Office of Mass Timber Implementation, Canadian Wood Council, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Forestry Innovation Investment, Government of Canada
Audience:  architects, homebuilders, construction industry, design professionals, developers, government, non-profit housing providers, residential construction industry, researchers, warranty and insurance providers