Building Enclosure Design Guide - Wood-Frame Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

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An excellent resource for industry professionals involved with the design and construction of building enclosures of multi-unit, wood-frame residential buildings. This guide explores the latest research, design and construction best practices. It addresses wood-frame construction in five- and six-storey mid-rise buildings and is one of the industry's most widely accepted reference guides.


This guide outlines current best practices for the design and construction of wood-frame multi-unit buildings with the focus on heat, air and moisture transfer. It addresses the unique challenges presented by B.C.’s coastal climate, which has inspired advances in building envelope technology that have been adopted around the world.
Industry education
Residential Design and Construction Guides
Partners:  Fenestration Association of BC, The Province of B.C.
Audience:  apprentices, architects, building officials, homebuilders, construction industry, general contractors, trades