Testing R22+Wood-Frame Walls for Hygrothermal Performance in the Vancouver Climate: Field Wall Performance

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This project tested wall assemblies most commonly used in B.C. to see how they meet the B.C. energy requirements and whether they can remain durable in a coastal climate. Six types of wood-frame walls with different thermal insulation strategies, all meeting the R22 effective (RSI 3.85) requirement were included. Hygrothermal performance measurements gathered over a 19 month period provided valuable data for designing durable and energy efficient wall assemblies


The goal of this project is to provide recommendations on durable and energy efficient wood-frame wall assemblies that can be readily used by builders.
Industry education
Residential Design and Construction Guides
Partners:  Forestry Innovation Investment, FPInnovations
Audience:  architects, building officials, homebuilders, design professionals, utilities - energy, manufacturers, residential construction industry, researchers, utilities - water, sewers, street etc., warranty and insurance providers